Regular Saturday Nights


   Adults- 7.50

   Child-   3.50


   Adults- 25.00 / 20.00

   Child-   15.00 / 10.00


Gates Open:


Pits- 3:30pm

Grandstands- 5:00pm





FRONT ROW-  $150



TURNS- $100

2013 Late Model Dates

Pro- Late Model Rules












We have hunting land available for rent.  Click here..... for more information


Dates of Interest for 2013:


January 19- Employee Dinner & Awards Banquet

January 20- Sunday Practice Begins

March 15-17- Rattler Weekend

April 13- Viper Race #1

May 18- Viper Race #2

June 8- Viper Race #3

July 6- Viper Race #4

August 3- Viper Race #5

September 14*- Viper Race #6

October 18-19- Alabama Pro Weekend



*Final 2012 Points will be posted on Sunday, Oct28*

**Sept 14 race is a pending date waiting to see when MMS is holding their Alabama 200 race**



Just some FYI concerning next years Rattler dates.

Due to being rained on at least 10 of the 15 years (if not more) we have decided to move the date of the 2013 Rattler Weekend.

It will be held on the 3rd weekend in March (15, 16 & 17).

With this change we are hoping for prettier weather, longer daylight and warmer days & nights.

We hope that all of you understand our decision to move this race date.

We believe in and respect the tradition of the Rattler and hope to make next year one of the best Rattlers yet.