Late Model Procedures

SLM & PLM Qualifying and Race Procedures


Qualifying Procedures

Qualifying procedures will consist of one complete warm up lap and two consecutive laps for qualifying. Once you have taken the white flag that is you only attempt to qualify. The qualifying order will be the draw of the pill unless otherwise instructed different by the tech director.

(FOR THE RATTLER ONLY) The qualifying order will be the reverse order teams entered on the internet (as published at

If you do not qualify in your proper positions, you will only receive one warm up lap and one qualifying lap.

Racing Procedures

* Changes in Late Model Procedures*
Due to the situations of the re-starts - South Alabama Speedway has elected to go back to the re-start procudes that we had in the past.  All starts will take place at the designated line in turn 4 - all re-starts will take place no earlier than the designated line in turn 3 or no later than the desginated line in turn 4. 

Yellow Flag: There will be no racing back to the caution. When the yellow is displayed, all cars must slow to a caution pace and bunch up as quickly as safety allows, so safety crews can work the track. All cars must get single file and stay single file. The line-up is frozen when the caution is displayed and we will revert back to the last completed green flag lap for the re-start lineup. Once the white flag has been displayed and a caution situation arises, we will be racing back to the checkered flag. The yellow light and yellow flag will be displayed along with the green light and white flag, to inform teams there is a situation on the track, but the next lap will be the finish of the race at the checkered flag. (If a red flag occurs on the last lap, we will revert back to the last completed green flag lap for the final results). If you spin and a caution comes out and you are passed by the leader after the caution has been displayed, you will NOT lose a lap trying to get re-fired. If you intentionally spin to avoid being lapped (as determined by race director) you will lose you lap.


Competition Caution: (Only for Rattler or big events) There will be a competition caution on lap 75 (Lap 50 for PLMs). Laps will stop counting. Cars may pit at that time, without losing a lap. All cars that do not pit will move forward and the cars that did pit will line-up behind them in the order they entered the pits. Teams will have 10 pace laps to return to the track.

Cars Involved in the Caution: Cars involved in bringing out the caution will go to the tail of the field. Only the initial cars involved will be required to go to the tail. Cars that spin or stop may get their spots back if they are able to continue and do not go to the pits. Race Control, exclusively, will determine responsibility for the caution and any cars that may be penalized by moving them to the tail. If you make contact with the car in front of you and that car spins (not a side by side racing incident) you and the car that spins will go to the tail of the field. If two cars make contact while racing side by side and one of the cars spin (racing incident), the one that spins will go to the rear, unless the race director can determine the other car was the cause of the caution. Then one or both or subject to be placed at the tail of the field. If the leader and a lapped car makes contact and the leader spins, the lapped car will go to the tail of the field and the leader will get his position back. You may not spin the leader on the last lap to win the race. (race director may place the offender to the tail of the lead lap cars in the final race results) NO penalties will be issued for spins in the first lap after a caution or red flag.

Pitting Procedures: Once the pace car collects the field under caution, all teams may pit first time by.

Pit Road Speed: The pace car will designate the pit road speed for cars on pit road, both entering and exiting. Cars may not pass the pace car at anytime (unless directed to do so by the race director).

Red Flag: All cars must stop as quickly and safely as possible when the red flag is displayed. Drivers may go to the pits for crews to work on their cars, but only after the officials have given them permission to do so. All cars that go to the pits under red must re-start at the tail of the field.

Black Flag: Cars that receive the black flag must go to pit road immediately. If you do not go to pit road, your scoring will stop until the situation is rectified. Check with your spotter for guidance from race control.

Restart Speed/Pace: The leader should gradually and steadily increase his pace after the pace car has dropped off on the backstretch. No slowing, brake checking or decrease in acceleration rate.




Slow Cars: Slow cars must stay on the bottom in the presence of lead lap cars during the race. Lapped cars that create problems for lead lap cars may be penalized. Lapped cars should let the leaders go by on the outside and then resume racing. Lapped cars that are repeatedly passed on the inside during the race may be penalized. Cars fighting to stay on the lead lap are not forced to yield to the leaders until they have been passed by the leader.

Spin Rule: You will be disqualified from the event if you are responsible for 3 cautions as a result of 3 solo spins.

Two Scoring Systems: Transponders will be used for scoring. Teams must return the transponders to the designated location before leaving ($400.00 penalty if not returned). There will be also other scorers in the tower doing lapped cars and line scoring.

Spotters: Spotters are required to be in the designated spotters stand during the race activities. Spotters must have the ability to listen to race control via a standard electronic scanner at all times during the event. The frequency is464.550. Drivers should keep your spotters patient and polite, spotters keep your drivers the same.

Post Race: The top three finishers must go to the front stretch immediately following the completion of the race.