Local Procedures

Qualifying Procedures:

Qualifying order will be determined by a draw of the pill.

Everyone will get two timed laps.

Once you have taken the white flag, you have an official time. No re-qualifying.

If you do not qualify in your proper position, you will only receive one qualifying lap.

Non-qualifiers will start at the rear.

Starts and Restarts:

All starts will take place at the designated line in turn 4.

All re-starts will take place no earlier than the designated line between turn 3& 4 and no later than the designated line in turn 4.

All cars should stay in line until the green flag is displayed.

On the initial start there will be no passing to the left until the start/finish line.

Anyone jumping the start will be sent to the rear.

Yellow Flag:

There will be no racing back to the caution. Hold you positions on the track.

All classes will revert back to the last completed green flag lap for the re-start lineup.

If a caution occurs before the completion of the first lap, there will be a complete re-start. Everyone retains their original starting positions unless they pit.

On the initial start, if a car drops out or goes to the rear, that line will simply move forward.

Once the white flag has been displayed and a caution situation arises, we will be racing back to the checkered flag. The yellow light and yellow flag will be displayed along with the green light and white flag, to inform teams there is a situation on the track, but the next lap will be the finish of the race at the checkered flag. (If a red flag occurs on the last lap, we will revert back to the last completed green flag lap for the final results)


Red Flag:

All cars must stop as quickly and safely as possible when the red flag is displayed.

You may pit under red flag conditions after track officials have given you permission to do so. Upon returning to the track you will line up at the rear of the field.

No working on the car on the track. No crew members allowed on the track.

Black Flag:

Cars that receive the black flag must go to pit road immediately. If you do not go to pit road, your scoring will stop until the situation is rectified.

Cars involved in the Caution:

Only the car(s) directly involved in bringing out the caution will go to the tail of the field. Any cars that spin or stop, but were not directly involved with the caution, will get their spots back, if they do not go to pit road.

If you make contact with the car in front of you and that car spins (not a side by side racing incident) you and the car that spins will go to the tail of the field.

If two cars make contact while racing side by side and one of the cars spin (racing incident), the one that spins will go to the rear, unless the race director can determine the other car was the cause of the caution. Then one or both or subject to be placed at the tail of the field.

If the leader and a lapped car makes contact and the leader spins, the lapped car will go to the tail of the field and the leader will get his position back.

You may not spin the leader on the last lap to win the race. (race director may place the offender to the tail of the lead lap cars in the final race results)


In order to retain your starting position you must be in the staging area before the white flag is displayed for the race in progress. Cars entering the staging area after this time will be placed at the rear of the starting field.

Three unassisted spins, and you will be disqualified for the remainder of that event.

If there is a driver change that is not reported to an official and is not caught until the race is completed, he/she will be placed last in the race results.

All problems will be handled in a calm and sportsmanlike manner. Unsportsmanlike conduct may carry a fine or suspension.