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WKNI TV 25, Andalusia, AL


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MC Media Player

Click the names of the videos on the left to play them. Race videos may be purchased from WKNI-TV. Please read the details below.

WKNI TV 25 will be presenting copies of races at SAS on USB Jump Drives.

Here's how it works. Simply contact WKNI at the trace track and provide the payment or payment information and we will send out your videos on the next mailing day to the address you provide.

You must use a jump drive provided by WKNI TV 25. No exceptions. We only charge you for the actual cost of $10.88 plus 9% sales tax. We provide the 1st race of your choice for $10.00 and $5.00 for any other races. Shipping and handling is just $1.50.

So for 1 race, 1 jump drive shipping and handling your total cost is $22.38. Any additional races are $5.00 each.

Once you purchase a jump drive from us, simply bring it back for empty of all content and we will put another race on it. If it is not free of all content, we will charge a $5.00 cleaning and scanning fee to protect our equipment. Call (334) 635-7111 to place an order over the phone, or email us at tv25@wkni.net, or mail us at WKNI TV 25 26824Hwy 29 North, Andalusia, AL 36421. We take credit, debit, check and cash.

Please remember that WKNI TV 25 holds all copyrights to these videos. If we find sharing (without paying WKNI TV 25 for the videos) or lack of interest in this offer, there will be no copies available in the future.