2012 Rules


Super Stock RULES



All cars subject to general rules.


4 cylinder- Automatic or standard

6 cylinder- Automatic

American or Foreign made stock cars Front Wheel Drive only

No High Performance Models

No turbo or supercharged cars allowed.

No NOS or other performance enhancing devices allowed.

All ECM's (computers), including chips, MUST be OEM Stock for year, make and model of car. Absolutely NO aftermarket performance chips!

Door hinges, locks, and side impact bar must remain in door.

Doors must be securely fastened shut.

Must remove all glass

 If using glass windshield must wear goggles or face shield

 May use screen or lexan.

May remove back seat, carpet, headliner, and trim panels

Tires: 225/65/15 Maximum tire size. 

Front wheel drive rims  Max 7” width.

May run 4" back space steel wheel

Stock wheels w/ 2" spacer

Stock suspension only.  No modifications

May lean front tires in for wear. Max 3” at rim. 

May run Max 2” spacer on right side to prevent tire scrub only.

All glass removed except for windshield

4 pt Roll Cage Mandatory

Seat: Bench, Bucket, or Racing Seat

Seatbelt 5 point harness

Must cover all holes in front and rear firewall and floorboard.

Fuel Cell or Gas Tank: Fuel Cell must be centered in rear of the car no lower than the frame

No antifreeze allowed.  $50.00 Fine



Road Runner

1972 or newer model car. 

No high performance Engines 

108 to 111 Wheelbase 305 Max

112 or greater 350 Chevy, 351 Ford, 360 Chrys Max.

Maximum allowable compression is 180 pounds for 305, and 165 pounds for 350. Heads must match motor.

Oil pan must have 1" inspection plug in line with crankshaft casting number.

Claimer oil pan optional.

Melling CCS-2 or Seal Power CS- 274 are the only cams legal for gm cars.  Cam shaft are available at speedway.

Minimum 20 inches of vacuum at 1000 rpms or subject to tear down.

 (No Hydraulic rollers) No Rhodes or anti-pump up

No fuel injected heads - carburetor only

Morso stock type steel motor mounts optional

Transmission – Automatic only. No power glides

Frame – 108” Wheelbase or longer

Must have 4 point cage connected to frame. May have door bars.

4 point Halo bar mandatory

Door hinges, locks, and side impact bar must remain in door. Doors must be securely fastened shut.

Stock suspension only.  No modifications

No racing shocks (If it can be identified as a racing shock then it is illegal)

Rear ends & Gears stock only, No limited slip or locked. Max 3.25

No Gutting. May remove all A/C components.

May remove plastic dash - cover with sheet metal

Pulleys stock only

Battery must be tied down and covered.

Must remove all glass. If using glass windshield must wear goggles or face shield. May use screen or lexan.

May remove back seat, carpet, headliner, and trim panels.

May use bucket or bench seat. Racing seat optional. 5 point seat belt required. 

Stock gas tanks or fuel cells Fuel cells must be centered between frame rails.

Bottom of cell no lower than bottom of frame.

Only 205-225, 70 or 75 DOT street tires. 14" or 15". No Michelin tires.

Both front tires may be leaned at top 3 inches maximum. (Measured on the rim)!

Stock or stock type rims only. May run 3” max. Offset on right side. 8” maximum width.

White spoke or chrome ok. No mismatched rim sizes.

Car may move up tp run higher class two times. 3rd time they must remain in higher class.

No antifreeze allowed.  $50.00 Fine


Street Stock

                Street Stock Special Events: 

                            MMS & FFS cars can run under their rules and their tires with OUR 5800 chip. 

                            Cars must match their track rules are will be subject to dq. 

                            Any questions please call Ed Berry at 334-379-4457.

Anything not specified in the rules must be stock, in original position from the original manufacturer unless other stipulated.


   Left side 53% maximum for cars. Must weigh 3200 lbs. minimum.

  Subject to change if needed.


            Complete body must remain stock. (Bumper to Bumper)

            May run approved aftermarket steel fenders, doors, quarter panels

            No sectioning, chopping, channeling, hulling, or cutting of any kind.

            May gut hood, roof, and trunk lid

            May remove front inner fender wells.

            All body parts must maintain 6” ground clearance.

            May run aftermarket nose piece.  Must match car and be approved by tech.

            Must have windshield (glass or lexan) or screen (no plexiglass) If using glass                                                    

            Windshield must wear goggles or face shield.

            Back and side windows optional.  (Nothing in door openings)

            Must remove stock hood and trunk latches and replace with pins.

            May remove hinges.

            May extend either steering wheel or pedals, but not both.

            Racing seats only.

            Must cover all holes in front and rear firewall and floorboard.

            Full front and rear firewall and shelf must remain in car.

            Body must mount on stock rubber mounts, in stock location.

            Radiator core support must be stock.

            Stock steel doors only.  Must be welded shut.

            5 x 60 spoiler or factory spoiler allowed.

            Fuel cell required. Maximum 22 gallon.

            May cut trunk floor for fuel cell.  (No more than 2 inches bigger than cell) must be centered.

            Bottom of fuel cell must be level with or above bottom of frame.                                                     

Frame and Cage

            108" wheelbase minimum.

            Camaros and Unibodies OK. Must tie sub frames together with tubing.

            6” Frame height.

            Frame must be stock from front to rear bumper mounts.

            Frame must match make and model of car.

            No modifying of frame for any reason. (May brace) If X Braced 75 pound Penalty.

            Roll cage may extend thru firewall and trunk.

            Front doors may be hulled for door bars.  (If doors are hulled, 3 door bars must extend into door cavity)

      Suspension and Drive train

           Front sway bar mounting must be stock.  Stock type sway bars only.

            Racing springs optional

            Front may be adjusted using shims, spacers, or screw shims.

            Rear may be adjusted using shims, spacers, screw shims, or jack bolts.

            Springs must remain in stock location   

            Stock type shocks.  No air.

            Leaf spring cars may run lowering blocks and adjustable shackles.

            No modifying of any other suspension parts allowed.

            May remove rear sway bars.

            All suspension parts must remain stock for make and model of car.

            No spacers, blocks, chains, or any other device may be used to alter suspension.           

Tires, Wheels, and Brakes, Rear Ends

            Rear end must be stock for make and model of car.

            Open rear ends only.  No positrac, limited slip, or locked. Gear optional.

            Stock brakes system only. (Front and rear) (Must be in working condition)

            From master cylinder to the wheels

           Track tires only.

           Both front tires may be leaned at top 3 inches maximum. (Measured on the rim)!

           8 inch steel wheels optional. May run up to 2” offset rims.

           Large lug nuts required.

           No pop-off or bleeder valves.


            If it doesn't say you can do it, you can't.

               350 Chevy, 351 Ford, 360 Chrys.

                May run 88958602 Crate motor only -  must run 350 carburetor

            Must run MSD Soft Touch Rev Control with 5800 RPM Chip Required mounted on dash out of reach of driver.

                    * Must sign in at parts room for chip - no personal chip will be allowed *

            Rotating Assembly

           Stock or stock replacement crankshafts. Must have 1” inspection plug in oil pan or

           100 lb penalty. Must match stock weight and dimensions. Balancing optional.

            May use stock replacement 5.7 rods. May use aftermarket rod bolts.

             Flat top or dish pistons only. Forged pistons optional.


                  Stock cast iron intake (must have been available on a car) no aluminum.

                  No truck, marine, or high rise. Maximum 2” adapter.


                  Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds. Passenger car manifolds only.

                  No ram horn/center dump.

                  May remove emission hump inside of manifold.

                  Exhaust must exit behind driver.

                  Size of pipe optional.


                  Stock cast iron heads. No Vortex no late model fuel injection.

            Maximum compression 225 pounds with exhaust valve disabled. With all plugs removed, and carburetor in full open position.

                 1.94 Intake 1.5 exhaust (maximum) No angle plug heads.  Ford and Mopar excluded.

                  4 angle valve job optional. No angle milling.

            Valve train

                  Maximum .426 valve lift cams, hydraulic only.!!!! 

                  445 Ford maximum .445 Chrysler maximum.                                                    

                  Stock type and ratio rocker arms only!!!! Polylocks optional.

                  Screw in studs and guide plates optional.



                  Stock type ignition only.  May lock advance.

                  HEI must use stock type module.   


                  Holley 7448 or 80787 350 CFM carburetor only

                  Must fit tools

                  Maximum 2” adapter from intake to carb.

                  No cold air boxes or heat shield of any kind.

                  Must run air filter.  Size and type optional.

            Transmissions & Driveshaft’s

                  Automatic transmissions or standard transmission.

                  Stock clutch and flywheel only. L88 flywheels ok.

                 Minimum weight of clutch assembly 32 pounds.

            Minimum diameter is 10.4”.        

                No lightening or excessive milling allowed.  

                 Must run stock type torque converter.

                Stock production transmissions. Must match manufacturer of car. No aftermarket.

                Steel drive shafts only.  No aluminum.


                  Pulleys optional.

                  May run electric fan

                  Alternators optional.

                  Must run harmonic balancer.  Type optional.

                  Stock style Moroso motor mounts allowed.

                  No antifreeze allowed $50.00 Fine  





The rules and/or regulations set forth herein provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish

minimum acceptable requirements of such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all such events. All

participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result

from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. Rules are intended as a guide for the conduct

of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant.

* Speedway Officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose

any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or

implied warranty of safety shall result from such altercation of specifications.

*Speedway reserves the right to update, modify, and/or delete rules at any time deemed necessary to insure safety,

fair competition or any other reason that may be appropriate.

*Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the officials. Any decision of and by Speedway Officials is final.

*Unsportsmanlike-like conduct can carry a minimum $100.00 fine and/or suspension. Any and all fines will be added

to the point's fund at the end of the racing season.


Approved helmet and fire suit and gloves required any time vehicle is on racing surface. Neck

collars are mandatory. Head and neck restraint recommended.


2450 Minimum 58.0% Left side max for Pro Late GM 604 engine.

2500 Minimum 58.0% Left side max for Built engines.

No titanium products, parts or components allowed anywhere on race car. No gun-drilled,

tubular or hollow bolts or studs anywhere on car.


No aluminum blocks! No Dry Sump Systems

One 2 barrel or 4 barrel only. Must qualify and race with the same combination.

Aluminum heads must ADD an Extra 50lbs in front of bell housing except GM604.


Must maintain 4" ground clearance at all times. Factory production complete full 1960 or newer

parallel American passenger car frames only with a Minimum wheelbase 108”. Frames may be

cut in rear only at point not further than 36 inches from center of rear end housing. Frames may

not be widened or narrowed. Must be full and complete both sides.


Front steering must be unaltered approved OEM and be in stock location, and must be

replaceable by OEM appearing parts. Tie rod ends and adjustment sleeve may be replaced by a

minimum .625-inch rod end and steel tube. Stock passenger car spindles or fabricated spindles

must be steel. Bottom A-frames cannot be altered or moved. Front sway bar must be stock

appearing and diameter of 1 3/8” Maximum. Steering parts must be steel. Steering box must be

steel approved OEM and must remain within original bolt pattern for type of frame used. No rack

& pinion allowed. Coil over kits with minimum of 4.5" springs on rear only. No bumpstops, coilbinding

or chassis stops allowed and a Minimum of 500 pound front spring rate. No driver

adjustments from cockpit except for brakes.


Must be steel, approved OEM APPEARING calipers, and they cannot be lightened. Steel

vented rotors only, no scalloped rotors. Rotors cannot be lightened.


All body rules are at the discretion of tech official. Must be full size roof.  (Must cover halo) Body

sides must be straight front to back with a maximum length of 120" starting from back of engine,

maximum width of 66" and body rake of 6 " must be straight front to rear and flat. Asphalt type

nosepiece allowed no wider than frame horns. Engine compartment must remain open.

Passenger side of body must be no further forward than rear of engine. Right side a posts must

be within 3" of right side of car or 50 lbs. penalty. No interior wings, belly pans, double skinned

roofs, fins, wings, vanes, vertical ledges, ramps or any other air directing devises are not

allowed. Vehicles with complete windshields will be allowed a maximum 5"x60" rear spoiler with

all braces mounted on rear of spoiler. Gurney flaps or curls are allowed but will be included in all

measurements. Vehicles with no windshield may run 4"x 60" spoiler @ 45 Degrees or 50 lbs

penalty. 12" maximum length triangular enclosure at the ‘A’ pillar will be allowed. All cars are

required to have side nerf bars mounted even with outside of tire. Must maintain 4" ground

clearance at all times.


$250.00 Ignition box Claimer Rule. No Traction Control.


Track Racing Fuel only. No performance-enhancing fuel additives of any kind.

Fuel cell must be a minimum of 8” off the ground.


Designated Hoosier Tire Only. No soaking or altering of tire in any manor allowed. Drivers

soaking or altering tires will forfeit all purse and points for the event and all track points for the

year. Driver must also pay a $1,000 fine prior to being allowed to compete at Speedway. Any

illegal tire, in the judgment of Speedway Officials, will be confiscated. 8" steel wheels only.

Maximum overall width shall not exceed 82" from outside of tire to outside of tire. No wide-five

hubs allowed


The Chief Tech Inspector shall be authorized to make changes from any specifications

contained within these rules as a situation may dictate. Any infraction not specified in these

rules will incur a 150 pound weight penalty. Furthermore, the Chief Tech Inspector may impose

further restrictions in an attempt to maintain fairness. Under no circumstances may the tech

inspector alter any safety rule to less than stipulated. ANY VARIANCE OF THESE RULES BY







Only drivers may protest. Protesting drivers and protested cars must have finished in the top ten and be on the lead

lap. All protests must receive an approval of the pit officials. Spite protests and unsportsmanlike-like protests will be

accepted. All protests must be submitted to pit officials in writing within 10 minutes of feature race completion, and be

accompanied by $250.00 CASH. The driver who wins the protest will receive $225.00.Driver can only protest three

times in one season and must wait three weeks before protesting again. Drivers or cars found illegal forfeit all points

and moneys earned for the entire race meet.

Refusal to comply with a protest or to tear down when instructed by Speedway Officials will result in a fine equal to

protest amount, an automatic two race suspension for driver and loss of points and moneys earned for the evening.

Upon returning to competition driver must agree to tear down after racing events for free.


Super Late Model Rules

Pro Late Model Rules

Attention Pro- Drivers: Effective May 21,2011

To make Chevrolet motors competitive with Ford we are allowing a 6500 RPM chip.

We reserve the right to disallow this change if there is an error.